DRONES 3S PROJECT:  Security | Surveillance | Safety

27 & 28 January 2021

Online Event about Drones applications in Security, Surveillance, Civil Protection, and Defense

Free Online Attendance

ExpoLine, organizer of the Drone Expo exhibition, and SmartPress, publisher of the Security Manager magazine, collaborate in organizing the 1st “DronesPro – 3S Project” online event, to highlight in depth new methods, suggestions, benefits, and case studies by companies and organizations that have integrated drones in various applications, government and commercial sectors and activities, focusing on Security, Surveillance, all aspects of the extended concept of Civil Protection, as well as Defense!

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The third dimension in security business planning!

In the last five years, the unmanned aircrafts sector has changed in a cataclysmic way. With the integration of major developments in electronics, they have now become financially available to a wide range of users. Also, the time is already right to integrate them in other sectors as well, like security, surveillance, search & rescue, and civil protection in general.

Flexibility, adaptability, and the wide range of choices provided by the use of unmanned aircraft, makes them necessary tools in this kind of applications, and for this reason they have started integrating into these services.

In fact, we could very well say, it’s one of the few times when security services are one step ahead of incoming threats.

Actually, drones introduce a third dimension in business planning and implementation of plans for control, intervention, disaster management, search & rescue, as well as monitoring infrastructures and assets, in a market estimated to reach a value of 100 billion euros by 2025!

Adding the dimension of height, greatly improves the effectiveness of tasks and provides a new set of tools that can surpass traditional visual surveillance.

Benefits in other applications!

Of course, it’s not just the security and installation control sectors that can benefit from drones, but many others as well, where drones can be applied, both because of their increased number of features, and the decrease in cost and time, that their use brings.

The construction sector has introduced aerial layouts for projects design, control of the construction progress, monitoring and maintenance of critical points in infrastructures.

Precision agriculture has now at its disposal budget-friendly and efficient methods to control and care for crops and soil, as well as better allocating precision resources.

Other sectors where drones can be used, are Photography and Filming, Delivery and Logistics, Energy, Media, Real Estate, Environment, Meteorology, Telecoms, etc.

An aerial ally in the service of critical security and monitoring projects

So, monitoring and security are high on the agenda of applications for drones.

Their extensive use by public services and private security companies, as well as armed forces and the fire department, has changed the way that services respond to various operational needs.

We also see an increasing participation of unmanned aircraft in search & rescue incidents, while even more technological innovations add to their equipment. Infrared cameras, LiDAR, sensors, audible warning systems, are now integrated in their features portfolio, drastically changing traditional ways by which operations carry out.

At the same time, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, etc., help create the new generation of drones, with particularly improved features and performance.

Of course, as unmanned aircraft applications and users increase in numbers, so does the need to train and conform to flight safety rules. The legal framework that has been in effect since 2017, is now ready to revise on a European scale, as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) suggests rules and structures for a smooth and safe use of drones.

Finally, it’s just as important to have protection systems (C-UAV) in order to secure no-fly UAV zones and prevent the possibility of asymmetric threats in public buildings, installations, airfields, etc. with the use of drones, an industry with a value expected to surpass 4 billion euros by 2025.

All this new data produced by the wide utilization of drones, will be highlighted at the “Drone 3S Project”, the first online event in Greece about unmanned aircraft, which you can attend for free.

Who is it for?

The Drone 3S Project is for all who wish to comprehend trends, evaluate developments, and benefit from development opportunities in the drones’ market. Targeted audience includes:

  • Managers and security officers in public organizations and private businesses
  • Executives and staff of businesses that provide security services
  • Corporations that implement security technology projects
  • Security forces professionals (police, fire department, coast guard)
  • Armed forces officers
  • Executives of civil protection services in prefectures and municipalities
  • Businessmen in technical projects and construction
  • Executives of public utility companies
  • Executives and consultants of insurance organizations
  • Drones controllers
  • Government and regulation authorities’ officers
  • Analysts, academics and teachers

Also, anyone who wishes to keep up to date with current applications and innovations about drones in security, surveillance, civil protection and defense.

This online event will be supported, both in organizational and promotional terms, by the ClickEvents (clickevents.gr) virtual events platform developed by SmartPress, greatly expanding the attending audience, in quantity as well as quality.

Promotion and advertisement of the Drone 3S Project, before and after it takes place, will be done by way of direct communication, through newsletters and other activities, with a recipient base of over 50 thousand professionals, pooled together by ExpoLine and SmartPress.