01 FEBRUARY 2023


The Rise of Drones: Τhe 3D environment!

The best speakers, all in one place!

Are UAV’s and their 3D environment the landscape of tomorrow? What challenges do they offer and what are the opportunities, now that – as everything seems – they tend to become essential in many vertical markets?

Organizations of all sizes are beginning to take advantage of UAV technology, and those who are leading the way have already unlocked significant benefits that are transforming their operations: increasing safety and reducing risk in their operations, lowering costs and creating a competitive advantage.

The drone industry has already made great strides in adding value to businesses, and we’re still just getting started. The sky is the limit!

Success requires innovation, persistence and bold steps from businesses, through a clear understanding that drones will not just be able to assist, but significantly transform their processes, operations and evolution. The “Disrupt or Die” dilemma will not be long before it comes for those who do not care. And it might be too late…

According to expert estimates, the global B2B market for drones will have revenues of 500 billion dollars by 2028.

As UAVs evolve, the market must focus its strategy on “setting up” the rest of the infrastructure that will be needed, the interfaces of technologies, the management of airspace, and everything that makes this transition to the three dimensions of space (3D) a reality.

Important issues concern those who see further than the range of a controller, such as:

  • Standardization: How we drive standardization and ensure interoperability of aerial media with existing or evolving digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud. This interoperability is what will ultimately lead to the transition of the use of UAVs, from vertical markets, to horizontal penetration into the everyday life of people and businesses, in order to create a “critical mass” with any advantages it brings.
  • UTM: How far or close we are to Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management and how the mass use of drones can be smoothly and safely integrated into an environment that will operationally cover the sectors that will include them in their activities.
  • Metaverse: What, and with what rules and conditions, would be the participation of UAVs in the evolving digital environment.

We will take a look at the sectors that have already integrated drones into their operational structure and take advantage of the possibilities they provide, while we will look at the prospects that open up in the short and medium term for these sectors, such as:

  • The construction sector has introduced aerial surveying for project planning, control of construction progress and surveillance of critical infrastructure points, while their role is important in the inspection of Renewable Energy Sources infrastructure, in shipping and as well as mining, where PwC estimates that the market may reach up to 28.3 billion dollars worldwide.
  • Agriculture now has at its disposal affordable and effective methods for the control and care of crops and soils, as well as for improves distribution of resources with precision. Drones can spray 40 to 60 times faster than traditional methods, and are also used to monitor crops, livestock and manage irrigation.
  • Surveillance, security and law enforcement remain high on the agenda for drone applications. Their widespread use by security, military, firefight and civil protection units has changed the way agencies respond to diverse operational needs, while we see an ever-increasing involvement of unmanned aircraft in response to search and rescue incidents.
  • A new area of operations is that of insurance, where worldwide claims for compensation have increased eightfold since 1970. Insurance drones can reach an affected area immediately, provide real-time imaging and take photos.

As in previous conferences, industry experts, regulatory bodies, trainers, institutions, as well as companies active in vertical markets, will be “present”.

What trends and technologies dominate today and what will emerge in the future? What new challenges and opportunities await us? How can you and your company prepare, anticipate and benefit in a rapidly evolving environment? What are the developments in individual sectors, as well as in general in the technology of UAVs?

Is Drones Transformation really as important as Digital Transformation in business?

For some business sectors undoubtedly yes!

Soon, “connected” drones, either as a swarm or as single units that interact with each other, will open up new opportunities and new applications for infrastructure inspections and maintenance, making BVLOS, autonomous flights and remote-control, part of regular operations, changing processes and bringing major changes to certain sectors of the market.

The upcoming developments, such as drones in a box and drone as a service, will unlock powerful new prospects for the industry, lower costs, and soon exceed the most optimistic expectations.

Need protection from malicious use?

Definitely yes! The use of drones in the Ukraine war proved how important it is to protect people and infrastructure from the malicious use of UAVs. Airports, facilities, utilities, ports, companies and organizations with critical infrastructures, are implementing systems to protect against unwanted drone intrusions.

Increasing incidents of security breaches by unidentified drones are exposing vulnerabilities, raising awareness of the need to address them either with countermeasures or restrictions, while modern, sophisticated systems ensure a high degree of protection.

Education: Advanced technologies also require advanced skills…

Finally, no matter how much technology improves, we must not forget the human factor, which is behind the controls or the programming of operations, tasks that usually require complex talents and knowledge.

The expansion of the market requires specialized and well-trained executives, in order to cover the needs, while “lifetime education”, through special seminars, is necessary in order to keep people up-to-date on developments in this field.

Target Audience

  • Professionals and executives active in all vertical markets where drones are implemented
  • Directors and Security Officers in Public Organizations and Private Enterprises
  • Executives and Personnel in Private Security Service Providers
  • Security Technology Project Implementation Companies
  • Security Forces Professionals (Police, Fire Department, Coast Guard)
  • Officers in Armed Forces
  • Executives in Civil Protection Services of Regions and Municipalities
  • Technical Works and Construction Companies
  • Executives in Public Benefit Corporations
  • Executives in Insurance Organizations and Experts
  • Executives in companies that provide specialized solutions in vertical markets with UAS
  • Drone operators
  • Regulatory Authorities and Government Officials
  • Analysts, Academic Institutions and Educators
  • Engineers, Civil Engineers & Project and Facility Inspectors
  • Shipping executives
  • Executives active in the field of Energy
  • Agriculturalists

The conference is for those who wish to understand the trends, evaluate the developments and benefit from the development opportunities of the drone market, as well as anyone who wishes to keep up to date about modern applications and innovations Business 2 Business (B2B) of drones in every market sector.

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