Modulus is an innovative telecom company offering next-generation VoIP services since 2013. Modulus is one of the first companies that introduced VoIP telephony in Greece, a future-proof and affordable alternative to landline telephony where phone calls are transferred over the internet. Until today, it has helped numerous companies in various industries progress their digital transformation efforts, digitize their communications, get remote-work ready and reduce their communication costs significantly by offering the most competitive annual fees and call rates. Capitalizing on its expertise in VoIP technology, our company also offers vPBX, an advanced VoIP phone system hosted in the cloud that eliminates the high cost of an on-premises infrastructure and provides businesses with a flexible phone system that can be accessed from anywhere and any device.

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Registrations for the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear medicine are open.
The starting date of the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear Medicine is 27th May 2021.
The closing date is 30th May 2021.