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Drones Pro 2022

Drones which had a slow start in the field of Business to Business (B2B) a few years ago, have found their way and in combination with technological developments in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, have entered our professional life for good, often playing the leading role.

At the Drones Pro 2022 Conference we will bring together developments in a variety of business (B2B) industries and explore future opportunities, applications and innovations in this emerging market already valued at 127 billion dollars worldwide.

There will also be present: industry experts, regulators, trainers, institutions, as well as companies operating in vertical markets. Which trends and technologies prevail today and which are coming in the future? What new challenges and opportunities await us? How can you and your company prepare, anticipate and benefit from a rapidly evolving environment? What are the developments in the individual sectors, as well as in the technology of UAVs? These and many more questions will be answered at the largest conference in this industry, Drones Pro 2022, with the main title “B2B Solutions: Accelerating the verticals!”

The commercial adoption of drones is growing rapidly and their uses are being integrated into even more sectors of the economy. In the energy and utilities sector they are increasingly used to achieve significant cost saving, improved security, reduced inspection time and reduced risk.

In the energy sector, they include inspection of power stations, substations, transmission lines, photovoltaics and wind turbines. Oil and gas companies have seen clear benefits from aerial inspection of refineries, leak detection in tanks and pipelines, or even damage assessment. In a similar way, they can be used in any utility network to address infrastructure control and evaluation needs faster, more cost-effectively and more securely.

In the construction sector, drones are everywhere: from mapping, 3D visualization, monitoring the progress of a project, to its future inspection, they are the core of many activities.

In safety, UAVs are proving to be a powerful tool for securing all kinds of infrastructure and property. They can operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional ground inspections, while equipped with the most advanced technologies, they can offer the highest possible quality in imaging and positioning data, by any other means.

Drones are literally taking off in agriculture: In many areas, the use of UAS has already become the main tool for precision farming. By using drones, farmers can respond more quickly to threats, receive information and take appropriate action in real time, and make decisions that lead to efficiency and sustainability. Agricultural drones provide growers, service providers and researchers with a fast and efficient way to detect their crops, identify diseases, create treatment plans, monitor crop growth and more.

Today the use of drones has been integrated into many types of work and many sectors (shipping, telecommunications, defense, firefighting, etc.), but the greatest opportunities will be given by the use of autonomous drones for larger tasks. Tasks that will be performed remotely, even automatically, without visual contact of the operator with the boat, via 5G network.

Also, soon enough, connected drones, either as a swarm or as units that interact with each other, will open up new opportunities and new applications for infrastructure inspections and maintenance, making BVLOS, autonomous flights and remote-control part of regular operations. Upcoming developments such as drones in a box – fully autonomous drones taking off and landing from portable or fixed landing gear – and carrying out missions, will unlock new powerful prospects for the industry and will soon exceed current expectations.

The horizontal spread of unmanned aerial vehicles in all sectors of the market, as well as in everyday life, constantly changes things, in terms of their proper use. The EU is already moving towards a functioning regulatory framework to ensure the safe and efficient development of a drone ecosystem.

At the same time, the protection of people and infrastructure from the malicious use of UAS has become crucial. Airports, utilities, ports, companies and organizations with critical infrastructure, implement systems to protect organizations from unwanted drone intrusions. The growing incidents of security breaches by unidentified drones exposes vulnerabilities, raising awareness of the need to address them either by deploying countermeasures, or in the form of restrictions, while modern, sophisticated systems provide a high degree of protection.

Finally, the human factor is of particular importance, since the expansion of the market requires specialized and well-trained executives in order to meet the needs, while “lifelong learning”, through special seminars is necessary to monitor developments in the field.

Target Audience

  • Professionals and executives active in all vertical markets, where drones are applied
  • Managers and Security Officers of Public Organizations and Private Enterprises
  • Executives and Personnel of Private Security Services Companies
  • Security Technological Implementation Companies
  • Security Forces Professionals (Police, Fire Brigade, Coast Guard)
  • Officers of the Armed Forces
  • Executives of Civil Protection Services of Regions and Municipalities
  • Technical Construction Companies
  • Executives of Public Utility Companies
  • Executives of Insurance Organizations and Experts
  • Executives of companies that provide specialized solutions in vertical markets with UAS
  • Drone pilots
  • Regulators and Government Officials
  • Analysts, Academic Institutions and Teachers
  • Engineers, Civil Engineers & Inspectors of projects and facilities
  • Shipping Executives
  • Executives active in the field of Energy
  • Agronomists

“DronesPro: B2B Solutions: Accelerating the verticals!” targets those who wish to understand the trends, evaluate the developments and take advantage of the development opportunities in the drone industry, as well as anyone who needs to be informed about the latest Business 2 Business (B2B) applications and innovations of drones in each market sector.

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